The Way I Watch

It’s 5pm on a warm summers evening, I’m in the kitchen organising which of the best meatballs I will be piling onto my plate for this evenings meal. On the windowsill is my iPad, on the screen is an animated MLB logo, below the logo is one line of text “Your game will begin shortly”. … More The Way I Watch

Give Pablo A Chance

After his poor 2015 season, the Baseball Prospectus 2016 Annual projected Hanley Ramirez to slash a respectable .274/.341/.460 with 20 HRs, the final line of his write up said: “now he’¬ôs moving to first base, where the ball will come his way even more often. What could possibly go wrong?” With regards to his move … More Give Pablo A Chance

I am invincible

2010: I was in a Royal Air Force helicopter, a Merlin Mk3 to be precise. I was flying through Helmand province in Afghanistan, it was Operation HERRICK. I was a helicopter crewman (Imagine the guy on the gun in the Huey on all those Vietnam films). Flying at 100ft and 140 knots (160mph) was exciting, … More I am invincible